Jamaican Curry Goat (Jamaican • Dairy free • Gluten free)

Jamaican Curry Goat
Tender fall-apart goat cooked in Jamaican style curry powder using just 1 pot and  8 ingredients.

Are you ready to make perfect Jamaican curry? This is a super-easy curry that needs just 10 mins of your undivided attention.

Since I started this blog, I’ve always been on a look out for curries. When I knew that Jamaicans had tasty curries too, I started trying it at a few restaurants. It was pretty close to Indian curries, with a slight difference to it and the goat, oh my God, just melted in my mouth. Here I give you the recipe to make that same amazing curry you get at Jamaican restaurants. Authentic, simple and absolutely flavorful.


  • Christmas dinner in Jamaica is the culinary event of the day. The menu varies depending on each home, but families, rich and poor alike, make this a special meal. Several types of meats are usually served, including baked chicken, roast beef or pork, curry goat or oxtail. Rice and peas is an usual accompaniment.
  • There are 60 different varieties of thyme. The primary oil of thyme is effective in offsetting cell aging by increasing the omega-3 fatty acid in brain, kidney and heart cell membranes.

Cuisine: Jamaican
Serves: 4 Adults

Ingredients Quantity
Oil 3 tbsp
Goat 2 lbs
Salt 2 tsp
Jamaican Curry Powder 5 tbsp
Garlic (minced) 4 tbsp
Onion (Julieneed) 1 cup
Onion (Chopped) 1 cup
Thyme 1 large spring
 Scotch Bonnet Pepper (Optional)  1
Boiling Water 4 cups


  1. Marinate the goat overnight with salt, curry powder, minced garlic and julienne onions. This step makes the meat soak in all the flavors. Truth be told, I’ve sometimes skipped this step and the curry was still amazing 😉
  2. Heat a pot on medium heat and add oil. (Use a pressure cooker if you own one)
  3. Brown your marinated meat in the oil on medium-low heat 1 minute each side.
  4. Remove the meat and saute the marinated onions for a minute to remove the marianade’s raw flavors.
  5. Add the meat back in along with fresh thyme spring, chopped onions, and scotch bonnet pepper.
  6. Cook the curry
    • If using a pot (I highly recommend this method for soft succulent meat): Add 4 cups of boiling water and simmer on low for 1 hr.
    • If using a pressure cooker: Add 2 cups boiling water and pressure cook for 3-4 whistles.
  7. Uncover and cook on medium-low for 30 mins till the curry has reduced to the consistency you desire.  (The reduction will concentrate all that amazing flavor and take your curry to the next level! )
  8. Check for salt and add more if needed. (I always salt this curry at the end to prevent over salting it before the reduction happens).
  9. Enjoy your juicy goat curry with plain rice or Jamaican-style rice and beans.


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