Fresh Homemade Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk
Nothing is comparable to fresh coconut milk. Once you taste this creamy, sweet and nutty dairy free milk, you will understand why I almost never get canned coconut milk.

We use coconut milk for almost everything in our house. Both my kids are on a dairy free gluten free diet for now, and they love anything and everything with coconut and coconut milk – Smoothies, Curries, Hot Chocolate, Soups and the list goes on. They literally fight over fresh grated coconut. Reminds me of those days when I used to sit beside my mom eating coconut every time she grated it.
If you don’t want to go through the whole process of breaking a coconut and grating it, you can buy frozen grated coconut from any Indian Store. It works perfectly in any of my recipes!


  • Research suggests that coconut milk may help you lose weight, or improve your body’s ratio of lean body mass to fat because, half of the saturated fat in coconut milk is a medium-chain triglyceride called lauric acid.
  • In the Indian medical system, coconut water is specific to cure biliousness (excess secretion of bile).

Ingrdients Quantity
Whole Coconut (Shortcut: Frozen Grated Coconut) 1
Warm Water 2-3 times the amount of grated coconut
Equipment Needed
To Open the Coconut
Powerful Blender/Food Processor To Blend the Shredded Coconut
Strainer with Cheesecloth To strain the Milk


  1.  Open the Coconut  using any one of the equipments mentioned above and drain the water in a container.
  2. Split open the coconut, exposing the white coconut meat inside.
  3. Cut the meat using a knife or grate using a coconut grater (can be found in most of the Indian Stores).
  4. Add the shredded coconut meat to your blender and add twice or three times the amount of warm water and blend on high speed.
  5. Strain coconut milk from the blended coconut, using a cheesecloth over a strainer. The cheesecloth helps to give a really smooth coconut milk.
  6. Use your coconut milk to make yummy curries like this Super Simple Veg Curry


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